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Educational backgrounds Philosophy, Economics, and Business, which I use to build and dissect perspectives about the world around me. Not really an expert in anything, just trying to question everything, to see past the imposed constructs we live in. I want to push people out of their comfort zone, to make people think and hopefully see something more grand than what's immediately around us.

October 13, 2016 – Newsletter 1

Newsletter 1) The Intellectual Yet Idiot  by Nassim Taleb Nassim Taleb is obnoxious but makes interesting points. Specifically, I’m interested in looking into some of Taleb’s quasi-assertions. The anti-GMO argument has been soundly de-bunked by a lot of top-notch scientists, and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on heroism and gender in Netflix’s Daredevil

Your blogger is a fan of comics, and of well-made television, and so Netflix’s Daredevil has been an absolutely treat; a rare intersection of these two worlds. The characters have enough depth to add a layer of intrigue that comics take months or years … Continue reading

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Religious belief requires a healthy dose of narcissism

That’s kind of an awkward sounding title right? Maybe a little abrasive? The notion that being religious implies a certain level of narcissism seems incredibly counter-intuitive too. Aren’t most religions about doing good, caring for others, and putting faith in … Continue reading

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Creativity vs: Originality

I’ve gotten into arguments about the nature of creativity.  Most people use creativity and originality interchangeably, but I think there is value in specifying the natural distinction, albeit one not encapsulated by their standard definitions.  First, let’s start with the … Continue reading

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The myth of bountiful time

Images like this abound on facebook and lately have started to irk me. Bear in mind that I’m not exactly a friend of fat people, but these are exactly the kind of naive tropes that wind up gaining critical mass … Continue reading

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Step one for Ontario Education reform

Every once in a while I’m reinvigorated by others who share my beliefs.  Yesterday I read this announcement and my brain lit up.  I am a firm believer that 95% of the world’s problems will be fixed, in time, with an … Continue reading

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The Misnomer of the Olympic Medal Count

As I write this, China and the United States each have 30 medals in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England.  China, with 17 golds, leads the standings while the USA, with 13, is on their heels; both have … Continue reading

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