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Why the NFL isn’t fully competitive

Forget about the steroids, the egos, the attitudes and the salaries. The NFL suffers the same fundamental break that many industries do: the competitive structure is improperly organized. The NFL is essentially a monopsony. A monopsony occurs when you have … Continue reading

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Meanest April Fool’s Prank in a while

Normally I don’t have to deal with April Fool’s pranks – but my prof decided to have us on… here’s the e-mail that I woke up to at 9 this morning. “After carefully revising all projects, I have concluded that … Continue reading

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Something that will make everyone else angry

This is one of those posts that is purely centered around me. I want to vent about the nuisance of people around me, specifically regarding the Japanese earthquake and the subsequent relief efforts. (If you want to skip the vent … Continue reading

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